115 S. Line St.
Columbia City, IN, 46725

Cooperative Extension Staff:

Todd Geiger - 4-H Youth Development
John Woodmansee - Ag and Natural Resources
Cindy Barnett - CED, Consumer and Family Sciences and 4-H Youth Development
Lisa Schrader - 4-H Youth Secretary
Janet Hindbaugh - Ag/NR and CFS Secretary

The Extension Office has a four-fold responsibility for programming in 4-H Youth Development, Consumer and Family Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources and Economic and Community Development. The current Extension staff consists of three Educators, a Learning Services coordinator, two secretaries, and two summer program assistants.

The Extension Office is responsible for the 4-H Program, through the 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator, to the Whitley County Extension Board, Purdue University and the USDA. The Extension Educator has the responsibility to review, train, and supervise all adult volunteers in the county. He/she is also responsible for all the 4-H and youth programs as designated by the county and Purdue University.

The Educator ensures that all procedures and policies of Purdue University and the USDA are adhered to and followed. He/she is also responsible for any disciplinary action for all those involved with the 4-H Program. The Extension Office helps with recordkeeping, ordering materials, working with volunteers, setting up activities and other items needed by 4-H groups that need assistance. The summer program assistants help with the 4-H Program, 4-H Fair, and other office needs.